Hacktales Internship Program

Cybersecurity internships provide an amazing opportunity to gain industry-based experience and help your career growth. At Hacktales, our cybersecurity internship has been tailored to provide you with the opportunity to gain practical experience and the pieces you need to succeed as a professional in your cyber career.

Here are five things you’ll gain at Hacktales internship program:

1. One Year Experience

If you are a cybersecurity undergrad or enthusiast, the importance of a year experience in the cybersecurity field cannot be overemphasized. When applying for a job as an entry level applicant, you are not expected to know everything but having little industry based experience can give you an edge over your peers. Hacktales internship has been designed to give you just that as a beginner in the field.

2Networking And Group Collaboration

One of the perks our internship provides is the opportunity to network with peers of like mind and to collaborate with almost all areas in a cybersecurity company. Also, you will have the opportunity to learn soft skills through communication and collaboration with employees. This could open up opportunities and help shape your future career.

3. Career Mentorship

Professionals and experts in the cybersecurity field with years of experience are available to you to help guide you to a blissful career path. These experts were once enthusiasts like you and have made mistakes at the start of their career and are willing to help you avoid the pitfalls beginners face. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to learn from other people’s mistakes and make better career choices. 

4. Learning Resources and Hands-on Labs

Get access to robust training materials tailored to your area of specialization and web-based labs that would simulate industry problems. You will have the opportunity to work with world class tools and apply cybersecurity solutions to companies facing cybersecurity problems. This training would help you build the knowledge, skill and ability you need to succeed in your cybersecurity career.

5. Vendor-based Certifications

Generally speaking, vendor-specific certifications cover specific information security software platforms, tools and technologies. These certifications usually focus on demonstrating expertise in a specific information security tool. We’re partners to world-class security vendors including Fortinet, KnowBe4 and Qualys.

By joining our intersnhip program, you will gain industry certifications from KnowBe4, Qualys and Fortinet. A gamechanger that sets you ahead of your peers. 

5Job Placement

At the conclusion of your one-year internship with us, we provide job placement support through mock interviews and CV review to help you land well-paying roles.  

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