Is Cybersecurity a great career choice?

With more than 3.5 million job openings currently across the world, you can believe that this career option is one of the fastest growing industries globally. Without a doubt, Cybersecurity is a solid career that promotes a ton of juicy opportunities. 

Here are five reasons why a career in cybersecurity is the right choice for you.

1. The world is a global village

Cybersecurity has become a vital aspect of many industries and sectors. In today’s digital world, everything comes linked, and every business desires some level of protection – be it a startup or an established company. The average cost of a data breach is nearly US$4 million on a global scale, and it’s less surprising to see key industry players seeking to engage the right Cybersecurity professionals. With the proper Cybersecurity certification and training, you can quickly join either the public or private sector. 

2. Diverse career choices

Similar to the rest of the tech world, Cybersecurity is continuously evolving. Consequently, you get to see new roles emerge and gradually become skills in demand. As it stands, there are several career paths within Cybersecurity. For instance, if you’re interested in solving riddles, becoming an ethical hacker or a penetration tester would have you working to crack IT security systems or join official bug bounty programs. On the other hand, a person who loves to investigate events, can become a Threat hunter. While both career paths doing involving security tests, their working methods are different.

3. Education and certifications

As opposed to popular belief, a degree in Cybersecurity is not necessarily needed to get your career started. Nevertheless, the tides are changing, and several universities are beginning to offer degrees in this line. For several specialists, many are self-taught and highlight more diversity in achieving a dream career in the cybersecurity field. 
If you plan to switch careers, you can start by partaking in a dedicated online course, attend meetups, webinars, engage cybersecurity professionals and get a mentor (maybe sponsor too – cybersecurity certifications usually aren’t cheap). Attaining valid certifications will deliver a good stepping stone to advance your cybersecurity career. There are numerous certifications available depending on your chosen area of interest, and the good news is that most of them are self-paced. 

4. High demand for cybersecurity professionals 

Cybersecurity professionals are a vital piece for every aspect of a business model. Straight from the interns to board members, cybersecurity professionals are needed to provide critical inputs in a bid to secure the organization’s digital assets. Cybersecurity skills are well appreciated as corporate dependence on computers continues to increase. 
Adequate security of any IT infrastructure would require qualified cybersecurity professionals to cover every level – i.e., Security administrators, Security analysts,  IT security manager, C-level executives, and more. So, if you start from entry level in cybersecurity, you can further improve your abilities and grow into managerial roles. The demonstration of needed expertise, knowledge, and skill is key to making yourself indispensable.

5. Expansion of job opportunities

IT is fast-paced and notably creating more jobs than they were over the last decade. Accordingly, Cybersecurity is also creating endless job lists with better-assured security of the future than ever before. A number of the cybersecurity jobs available today will soon give rise to other forms of technology that would also bring about new careers, employment, and responsibilities. 
Joining the cybersecurity world implies you enjoy “learning” and “new challenges.” This versatility remains a prominent feature in Cybersecurity. Fine-tuning and leveraging your core strengths would always get you ahead in concepts, ideas, and prospects for career growth. 

Nowadays, cybersecurity is considered an essential aspect of most organizations. With multiple reports and stats highlighting just how devastating data breaches and security threats are, it is apparent all careers in cybersecurity are in high demand.

If you are considering a career in cybersecurity, now is the time to act and gain essential skills needed to get started.

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