Top 10 countries for remote cybersecurity jobs

2020 was dubbed the year of telecommuting. The majority of us, and more importantly, our employers, have discovered that we can do our jobs from almost any place in the world as long as we have access to dependable energy and a stable Wi-Fi connection.

Since many of us have become used to the wandering lifestyle of a digital nomad, the thought of returning to the office is enough to send chills down our spines.

In this post, we will discuss the top 10 countries where remote cybersecurity workers may discover the best prospects:

  1. Brazil was the winner of the tournament. There are 165 employment opportunities accessible in the subject of cybersecurity, and 22 percent (22%) of those roles allow for remote work. This area is most known for its beautiful beaches with white sand and its yearly carnival, but it also provides wonderful opportunities for remote workers due to its abundance of co-working facilities.
  2. After Brazil, Colombia is regarded to be the finest nation for remote work. Twenty-one percent (21%) of the jobs mentioned provide the option to work from home. In addition to the country’s abundance of coffee shops that serve some of the finest Java in the world, its nice environment makes it an easy option for many.
  3. Portugal rounds out the top three, with 16 percent (16%) of its online job advertising indicating remote employment. The country is an ideal place for digital nomads due to its year-round pleasant climate with more than 300 days of sunlight, cheap cost of living, and adequate Wi-Fi connections. The nation is ranked twenty-fourth in the world for average internet speeds.
  4. Spain, one of the largest and wealthiest countries in Europe, has made concerted efforts to take the lead in the fight against cybercrime and has put a substantial amount of time, money, and other resources into its many systems and organizations designed to do so. The location of the fourth city is in Spain. There are 368 available posts in the sector of cybersecurity, of which just 16 percent provide remote work opportunities. 59 jobs that may be performed from home.
  5. The fifth nation to be discussed is Italy. According to statistics, 16 percent of jobs in Italy may be performed remotely. This represents 170 remote roles out of a total of 1,096 in Italy’s cybersecurity business.
  6. Canada – Out of the top 10 cities, Canada is recognized as having the sixth-most remote employment opportunities in the subject of cybersecurity. 15 percent of vocations are recognized as being able to be performed remotely, according to observations. There are 2,854 open roles in cybersecurity, 425 of which are remote.
  7. USA – The United States of America comes in second place after Canada. The United States has long been noted for its work-from-home-friendly policies, made possible by its people’ access to dependable electricity and network connections. The United States ranked seventh on the list of cities with the highest number of cybersecurity jobs, with a proportion of 14%. This shows that there are now vacancies for 225 remote cyber security posts out of a total of 1,625.
  8. The Philippines – The Philippines is a country in Asia with a vacancy rate of 14%, which equates to 261 chances in cybersecurity and 36 remote roles.
  9. Switzerland ranks eighth on the list due to the fact that 11% of job advertisements in Switzerland are classified as remote work. This shows that 49 positions out of a total of 428 in cybersecurity are deemed remote.
  10. 7% of the 217 open cybersecurity positions in Ireland might be completed from home due to the epidemic. These positions are in the cybersecurity industry. And even today, years after the outbreak, some organizations continue to let their staff work from home, despite a study demonstrating that such arrangements result in greater levels of organizational output and productivity.

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