Australian cybersecurity industry calls for talents

As the number of cyber threats continues to rise globally, the demand for cybersecurity professionals is also high and this is evident in Australia as the Australian government is massively hiring cybersecurity professionals.

According to Aust Cyber, there’s a severe shortage of job-ready cybersecurity workers, with around 17000 more cybersecurity workers needed for technical as well as non-technical positions by 2026. The workforce shortfall has significant economic consequences. In 2017, a report found that the domestic cyber security sector is estimated to have forfeited up to $405million in revenue, which companies could have generated if they had been able to find enough cyber security workers to fill existing vacancies. Aust cyber believes that Australia’s revenue from cybersecurity could triple from $ 2 billion to $ 6 billion over the next decade if the key challenges are addressed.

Speaking to educators about cybersecurity at the Edutech 2022 conference, NAB’S [ National Australian Bank} security advisory & awareness manager, Laura Hartley spoke about how cybersecurity requires greater capabilities as cybercrime becomes more advanced. She pointed out that as cybercriminals evolve, organizations like NAB are growing and expanding their talent pools.

In a recent Twitter thread, Minister for home affairs and cybersecurity Claire O’Neil called for a migration program incorporating sponsorship for people with cybersecurity skills after taking part in the Albanese government’s job summit. She said “We need to think about ways to include sponsorship opportunities for emerging jobs and industries that support the development of our sovereign capabilities. One of those critical sovereign capabilities is cybersecurity.”

Also in a unique partnership, Industry, Education, and Government are collaborating to ensure that Australia has the cybersecurity workforce it needs and to prepare young people with the prerequisite skills and knowledge to pursue a career in cybersecurity.

Working in cybersecurity is extremely rewarding with high-value jobs and the opportunities are endless. If you’ve been waiting for a sign to back up your decision to start a career in cybersecurity, this is it. There is no better time than now.

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