How we helped a multi-million dollar company build out their security infrastructure

In the digital age, where threats lurk in every corner, the story of Company A’s triumph in cybersecurity unfolds. As a prominent healthcare player in Africa, Company A had big dreams of expansion. But with these dreams came risks, especially when dealing with sensitive data.

Our Client (Company A), a prominent healthcare company based in Africa had a vision to expand their service offerings across various countries in Africa. However, they understood the potential risks and threats that could surface, as they would be handling more sensitive data on a much larger scale.

With a staff strength of over 400, they knew their human infrastructure needed fortification.

Quick side note: In the cybersecurity world, it’s common knowledge that humans can be the most vulnerable links in an organization. The negligence or ignorance of one person can significantly jeopardize the entire organization.

Acknowledging the need for enhanced readiness against ransomware and potential risks, they contacted us with their agenda, and we promptly got to work.

To enhance their cybersecurity posture and mitigate potential risks, we began by implementing a comprehensive security awareness training program: educating their employees on the 7 domains of security, alongside practical strategies. The training program was customized to the healthcare industry, ensuring relevance and practicality.

But we didn’t just stop there. Additionally, we initiated phishing simulation attacks, to proactively identify and address potential weak links.

Regular phishing simulations were conducted to keep the staff vigilant and well-prepared against evolving cyber threats.

As a result, the impact of phishing simulations decreased significantly from 54% to a remarkable 5-7%, showcasing a substantial improvement in the organization’s overall security posture.

Staff members became a formidable line of defense, actively contributing to the protection of sensitive data. In the end they were able to save money, minimize risks and strengthen brand reputation

Now, let’s examine the potential outcome for Company A, had we not intervened.

  1. Data Breach: With the expansion, the risk of unauthorized access to sensitive patient data was high. Our intervention significantly reduced this risk.
  2. Reputation Damage: A breach would have resulted in severe reputational damage, substantial financial losses, and regulatory fines. The improved security measures helped safeguard their brand image.
  3. Regulatory Compliance Issues: Handling sensitive health information requires strict compliance. Our training ensured that the client met and exceeded necessary cybersecurity regulations.

By embracing proactive cybersecurity measures, our client can confidently pursue their aspirations, reassured that every potential vulnerability has been addressed.

The significant reduction in phishing simulation impact stands as a testament to the effectiveness of our tailored security awareness training program.

Ongoing training and regular security assessments are recommended to stay ahead of evolving cyber threats.

Businesses need to continuously improve and adapt to emerging risks to ensure the sustained resilience of the organization’s cybersecurity infrastructure.

We offer businesses and organizations a free security culture assessment test. Fill the form to get started and let the Hacktales Team get you all fortified, just like Company A ????.


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