How Organizations Can Leverage Audit Trails To Counter Data Breaches

Everyone knows that data is the new world currency, yet businesses struggle with safeguarding their digital assets, on a day-to-day basis.

This is where audit trails come to the rescue, a powerful tool businesses can ally with. 

Think of it as your digital detective that already has an alibi for you — one that you don’t even have to defend yourself for. 

Audit trails meticulously document every move within your organizations’ ecosystem, offering crucial lines of defense against cyber threats.

Essentially, it captures all of the events that occur within a system — think user action, system event, data modification. Everything. These are crucial for overall security enhancement, post-incident analysis, compliance adherence, and risk management. 

If a breach were to ever occur, the trail would reveal logs of the incident’s timeline and process – basically who did what, when and how. 

In that, it identifies the point of compromise, helping you to cover up the cracks in your organization’s line of defense. Not only that, you’re able to determine the extent of the attack; you’re also able to know the very actor who initiated the breach, whether directly or indirectly, and can act accordingly.

Cyber threats get more sophisticated every year, nonetheless, the way to constantly be ahead is to enlist audit trails as part of your layers of defense. 

Here are some of the ways you can expect audit trails to serve you: 

  1. They can serve as valuable evidence in legal proceedings, providing compliance with data protection laws and industry regulations.
  1. They can act as an early warning system and prevent further breach, thus minimizing risks. 
  1. They can provide insights into system performance and resource utilization. Doing a log analysis would reveal inefficiencies, giving you the chance to redirect efforts and improve overall system performance.

Having said that, incorporating audit trails go without saying. Are you ready to better safeguard and protect your data? Our team of experts are here to assist. Get in touch with us via mail

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