We are commited to securing the future of cybersecurity work.

About Us

Today, the cybersecurity industry is transforming rapidly and posing fundamental questions for professionals in the field. The need to develop talents to protect our fast-paced technology-driven world has never felt more urgent.

Fueled by innovation and service to others, Hacktales is committed to bridging the global cybersecurity talent gap. As Nigeria’s foremost cybersecurity academy powered by industry expertise, our goal is to develop and sustain an enabling environment which empowers the next generation of cybersecurity talents.

Hacktales is extraordinarily well positioned with its interdisciplinary strengths, to bring new approaches to addressing the knowledge gap in the cybersecurity industry. At Hacktales, we believe that cyber resilience is necessary to foster societal advancement. 


To protect the future of cybersecurity work.


Our mission is to empower the next generation of professionals across Africa with world-class cybersecurity skills to enable them seize work opportunities thereby bridging the global talent gap.

Our cultural cornerstone


We drive high-performance through unrivalled vision and execution.


We are firm on our principles yet flexible in the delivery of our goals.


We push the borders of possibility by creating the change we want to see in the world.


We embrace the diversity of individual mindsets, personalities, and viewpoints.


Together we are stronger. We deliver excellence through shared goals and mutual support.


We make intentional decisions that contribute to the welfare of humanity.


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