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Tech layoffs and the impact and the cybersecurity industry

Tech layoffs and it’s impact on the cybersecurity industry

According to industry experts, the cybersecurity sector is likely to be spared more than most due to the existing demand for security professionals.

Update your apps right away.

If you own a mobile device that runs any type of software, you’re probably familiar with recurring software update notifications which you end up ignoring for weeks.

Strong Passwords, Your Super Power

I viewed her insistence on using one easily remembered password for everything in her life as the equivalent of tattooing the phrase “VICTIM HERE” on her forehead.

Australian cybersecurity industry calls for talents

According to Aust cyber, there’s a severe shortage of job-ready cybersecurity workers, with around 17,000 more cybersecurity workers needed for technical as well as non-technical positions by 2026.

Nigeria’s First Cybersecurity Career Village

Hacktales will be launching Nigeria’s first cybersecurity career village at Cyber Secure Nigeria Conference 2022 in partnership with Cybersecurity Experts Association of Nigeria (CSEAN).