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20 security controls every cybersecurity sales engineer should know

Although cybersecurity sales engineers are largely considered non-technical, you will require technical-know how of cybersecurity controls to be able to sell effectively. Thankfully, there’s a blueprint to help you easily navigate these controls.

10 key soft skills for every cybersecurity sales engineer

The role of a security sales engineer is critical. These professionals are responsible for providing technical expertise to sales teams to help them sell cybersecurity products and services to customers.

To excel as a security sales engineers you need a range of soft skills beyond technical knowledge.

Update your apps right away.

If you own a mobile device that runs any type of software, you’re probably familiar with recurring software update notifications which you end up ignoring for weeks.

Strong Passwords, Your Super Power

I viewed her insistence on using one easily remembered password for everything in her life as the equivalent of tattooing the phrase “VICTIM HERE” on her forehead.